PDAX Prime Learning Sessions

Unlocking Crypto Series

Lets dive in as we unlock the tokenomics of each Token.

Can Ethereum really be the next Bitcoin?

Our crypto experts, Pat Lao, our Head of Metaverse at PDAX and Jed Ignacio, Prime Team Member and Host of Fresh Money, will explain:
▪️ The basics of how Ethereum works
▪️ The potential benefits and risks of investing in Ethereum
▪️ The recent developments and trends in the Ethereum blockchain
▪️ An overview of the Ethereum ecosystem
▪️ The Ethereum roadmap and where the project is headed

Ask-Me-Anything Session

A session in which our speaker will answer the challenging questions surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) live session. Our experts will answer all burning questions about cryptocurrency.

Exploring The World of Digital Assets

A general discussion about the basics and use cases of cryptocurrency

Are you new to the world of cryptocurrencies? 

Or maybe you have been studying it for quite a while, but you want to dive deeper and discover the endless possibilities this industry can offer?

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